• Sewing bib totoro simple

    Sewing bib totoro simple

    ♪  ♫ ♪  Totoro Totoro. ♫  ♪...

    Bibs with velcro strips as presents for two beautiful newborn baby girls, but Capucine (the doll^^) wanted to keep them all for herself.
    - Tell me, aren't they a little big for you? 
    - Will you make one for me then?
    - All right if you insist. 

    As I was saying, to make these bibs, it is quite simple (well almost).
    You'll need a piece of fabric/cloth, toweling, velcro strips, a template ( there are many different ones on the net), and a good idea for the general look. Wash the fabrics, iron them, cut them  and sew them together.
    Imagination has no limit.


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  • Sewing skirt creole simple easy tutorial

    My first realization  turns out to be a skirt of  Creole inspiration. It's a size for 4 years old, it was a birtdaypresent for one of my nieces .
     She loved it. I followed the very simple tutorial on "
     la ronde des sacs" . I am very satisfied with the result and should sew a couple more for my other nieces and a special one for my daughter also. 

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