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    Icecream Soze waits until his wife and kids have melted then he goes after the rest of the mob. He eats the ice cream cones, bites their waffle, crunches the small chocolate chunks. He burns down the ice cream truck and kills the driver. And like that he was gone....  pshitt !!

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    "How adorable!!"

    Here is a funny looking donut that I made following the tutorial on "Kawaii Mania" .
    As soon as it was put on the plate Miss Capucine couln't help to try it on.

    "Hey no! It's not a bracelet!! It's a donut .....to eat...well kinda. 

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  • felt, tartlet, tutorial, handicraft

    Felt, tartlet, tutorial, handicraft.

    here → Download "Tartlet Pattern"  ←here

    Home made tartlet recipe :

    1- Gather all ingredients.
    2- Cut the round shape pastry shell, and draw a circle that will help you for the final sewing.
    3- Craft the elements of decoration (strawberry, lemon slice, chocolate shaving or whatever you feel like). Sew them on the topping.
    4- Sew this last part on the pastry shell while wrinkling it a little, leave a large opening.
    5- Insert the round cardboard and stuff with batting wool. Finish the sewing.
    6- Use a large sewing thread on the drawn circle as on the picture.
    7- Pull the thread while frowning a bit, and make a final knot. 
    8- "Bonne dégustation". 

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  • Felt, birthday cake, candles, handicraft

    A very merry un-birtday. To me.To who? To me.Oh, you !

    For her birtday Capucine wanted a big and beautiful cake, so I granted her wish. Mr Rabbit really enjoyed it ^^ He certainly likes his food.

    If you want to make this cake you'll need different coloured pieces of felt, batting wool, some velcro, and a bit of imagination for decoration.

    I made 7 slices for a full cake, but you can make as many as you like. 
    For one slice : 2 identical triangles (top & bottom), 1 long rectangle for the heart and a smaller one for the crust/outside. You can add different small shapes (round/heart...) for top decoration and a long strip to mark different layers of the cake.

    For one candle : 1 rectangle (that you will sew in the shape of a tube), 1  flame shape piece of felt, and a small round piece of velcro. 

    Enjoy your party.


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  • felt, orange juice, boat shaped tarts

    felt, orange juice, boat shaped tarts

    "It's child's play !!"

     Nothing better than a fresh felt orange juice for brunch!
    Right you are Mr Rabbit.
    If you also want one, I shall soon put a Tuto so you can make your own.

    Our little friend also liked these small boat-shaped tarts, they are easy to make if you follow the well explained tuto on "la fabrique de Julie (fr) "

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