• Birthday cake & candles.

    Felt, birthday cake, candles, handicraft

    A very merry un-birtday. To me.To who? To me.Oh, you !

    For her birtday Capucine wanted a big and beautiful cake, so I granted her wish. Mr Rabbit really enjoyed it ^^ He certainly likes his food.

    If you want to make this cake you'll need different coloured pieces of felt, batting wool, some velcro, and a bit of imagination for decoration.

    I made 7 slices for a full cake, but you can make as many as you like. 
    For one slice : 2 identical triangles (top & bottom), 1 long rectangle for the heart and a smaller one for the crust/outside. You can add different small shapes (round/heart...) for top decoration and a long strip to mark different layers of the cake.

    For one candle : 1 rectangle (that you will sew in the shape of a tube), 1  flame shape piece of felt, and a small round piece of velcro. 

    Enjoy your party.


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